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Fitness.  Nutrition.  Confidence. 

At Empowh, our team will help YOU achieve YOUR goals and hold you accountable.  We look forward to welcoming you aboard at Empowh and introducing you to our team and our community of Enthusiasts!  

Dr. Lisa is Empowh's Founder, Motivator and an Elite Trainer.  She  is enrolled as an Enthusiast.  She is the creator of Empowh and is determined to make the fitness and nutrition industry more accessible to all people, cultures, body shapes and sizes around the globe.  She is a firm believer there is no one size fits all methodology to a persons health.

In 2013, Lisa struggled with her own lack of fitness and nutrition knowledge.  She was morbidly obese, weighing in at over 250lbs, at 5'-3" in height. 


She made the change, but struggled and wasted tens of thousands of dollars trying to find people in the fitness industry who would provide a customized program and not cookie cluttered, or just half-assed (yes we said this) copy and pasted from another trainers client. 

Dr. Lisa is also a Desert Storm and United States Air Force Veteran. 


Lea is Empowh's Chief Enthusiast Officer and works on all marketing aspects for the Empowh Community.  She is passionate for spreading fitness, nutrition and overall confidence to our Enthusiast community.  She is actively enrolled as an Enthusiast and experiences first hand every day how the struggle is real to maintain the balance of being an international working mother of three children, and also making time for yourself.  

She shares her own struggles, solutions, and how to regain balance with the Empowh community.  Ley holds a Bachelor of Science in Education.  She combines her educational degree with life lessons and produces teaching moments for our enthusiasts. 


Ley is a global traveler and is committed to keeping our Enthusiasts engaged and informed. 

Monica Quiambao

Nutrition & Fitness Specialist - II

Monica adds significant value by providing nutrition and fitness advices to Empowh Enthusiasts.  She keeps our enthusiasts accountable, and provides nutritional guidance for basic needs and understanding as well as fitness for beginners who want to be active and move more.  Her positive attitude is contagious and she will motivates our enthusiasts to be successful on their journey! 

She provides critical input to all of Empowh's monthly recipes, professional presentations, and manages referrals of new enthusiasts.  Monica monitors, engages and instruct enthusiasts virtually on safe and effective use of cardiovascular, flexibility, and strength training equipment. 


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